A Little Bit About Me

My name is Mitchel Wassler. I am a freelance web designer and front end developer living in the Cincinnati area. I am currently a student at Cincinnati State Technical and Community College.  My passion for design is rivaled only by my inner geek and love of technology which is what brought me where I am today. I often spend my weekends reading web development text books (I know, I’m cool aren’t I). Finding a career path that combines my love of visual arts and cutting edge technology is a dream come true for me and I would love to share that passion with you.

Design and Brand Identity

I specialize in usable, memorable, creative interfaces and web experiences; however, I can take on any sort of graphic design project you need from a simple logo to a whole visual identity for your business. I pride myself in creating high quality graphics on a deadline and am always looking for new challenges.

Web Development

I am also a full fledged front end developer I can write clean functional code to ensure your website is fast reliable and built with the latest technology available on the web today while still ensuring it is accessible to the largest base of user possible.

Skills and Proficiencies

I am a css ninja. I know my way around JavaScript, and i am a pretty good illustrator. I have allot of experience using photoshop and illustrator to create high quality graphics.