Mobile First Web Design

Why Target Mobile Devices?

Smart Phones and tablets have been outselling traditional comuputers since 2010. The same year traffic to mobile sites increased 600%. Predictions indicate global mobile data will increase by 26 times between then and 2015. Is your buisness ready to take on this huge new market?

Reach Customers on all Devices

I build websites that respond to the device they are viewed on, while most small business websites are made with a fixed width in mind; my sites use technology that allows them to adjust on the fly. This means your customers get a high quality web design no matter what device they are on.

Content Managed

Update Your Website Anytime

You wont have to pay me or anyone else for that matter any time you want to make a change to your web site. Need to make updates to products or services? You'll be able to simple log in from any computer and change the content of the page.

I Speak Fluent Google

Cost Effective Marketing

75% of users never go past the first page of search results. Search is the number 1 driver of traffic to web sites. Organic search results are the most cost effective way for your business to reach new customers

Attract New Business

I build websites with search engines in mind. I will help connect your business to all the paying customers out there looking for it. Contact me today so I can start creating you a high quality web design and online marketing campaign.